Red Hot...

Hugo Chavez

I know this site always gets into trouble for including the leader of South America's Bolivarian revolution, but for drama value he has to appear. Four more years, four more years...

Robert Mugabe

If a martian were to have landed in the Zimbabwean village of Kutama on the 21st of February he would think the country was in very good shape indeed. Plush marquees, birthday cakes, balloons, school choirs all helped make the President's 80th birthday a day to remember. is reminded of Nero and his fiddle.

...Stone Cold

Saddam Hussein

A fairly decent court performance in Baghdad can't take away from the fact that the one thing that unites all Iraqis is their loathing of Saddam.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

A recent arrival to this site, following his slow embrace of autocracy, the former President of Haiti now finds himself in exile in the South Africa (might he be joined one day by Robert Mugabe?)

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