General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan

Fought for the British during WWII and was a major force in the army of Pakistan after Indian independence. Appointed Commander-in-Chief of Army a year after the 1965 war with India. After civial iunresy in the country in 1969 he was ceded power by the president, whereupon he declared martial law and granted himself the rather grand title of Chief Martial Law Administrator and later President of the Republic.

In a simliar character arc to Mobuto Sese Seko of Zaire (qv) he initially chose to cede power to a civilian government, setting the stage for general elections in 1970...and this is where the trouble began. The election results showed a massive split between voters in the East of Pakistan and those in the West. With neither of the two respective party leaders (Mujeeb-ur-Rahman & Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) willing to accept the other as Prime minister. Violence flared as a result of this which promted Khan to send in the tanks to East Pakistan. India came to the rescue and this sparked another bout of warfare which resulted in incredibly humiliating losses for Pakistan, and the eventual declaration of independence by East Pakistan, soon to be renamed Bangladesh. Khan's approval fell through the floor and he was forced to ceed power to the Bhutto in December 1971. He was placed under house arrest in 1972. Needless to say his remaining years were not excatly filled with joy.

Length of Rule - Two years

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