Pervez Musharraf
(1943 -)

Born in Delhi in 1943, he and his family moved to Karachi in newly formed Pakistan after Indian independence in 1947. Educated in his country's Military Academy and schools in Tukey and the UK, he ascended to army chief of staff in 1998. Growing tensions between the debased government of Nawaz Sharif and the military gave the Prime Minister reason to believe the army was plotting a coup. He subsequently denied Musharraf's plane landing permission when the General was returning to the country in October 1999. Musharraf landed anyway and, sure enough launched a coup d'etat, imprisoning Sharif for good measure.

He has proved a bit of a surprise and is praised widely for his anti corruption drive and support to the US in the new 'War on Terror.' In June 2001 he became President of the Republic, though promised to hand back power to civilian rule in late 2003. We shall see.

Length of Rule - Two years

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Pervez Musharraf


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