The Trial of Henry Kissinger
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The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Christopher Hitchens

At first glance not the sort of thing you would expect to find reviewed on however with his furious attack on Kissinger Vanity Fair journalist Christopher Hitchens reveals a fascinating insight into some of the murkier politicking of the last 30 years. Included are all the familiar episodes, the subterfuge during the '68 election; the CIA role in Allende's downfall; the Mad Bomber tactics used by Nixon and Kissinger at the Paris peace talks with the North Vietnamese. But Hitchens adds greatly to this history. Expanding on his previous excellent book Hostage to History which first shone a light on the double dealing Secretary of State and his relationship to Cyrus and the then dictatorship of Greece, Hitchens levels charges at Kissinger-instigated policy towards Bangladesh; East Timor & even a kidnap/murder attempt against a Greek dissident in Washington DC.

The East Timor episode is particularly fascinating as Kissinger was in Jakarta on the very day of the Indonesian invasion of the former Portuguese colony, allowing Hitchens to ruminate on the possibility of a US green light for Suharto's putsch. As he has demonstrated in his previous works Hitchens creates a thorough and very lucid argument. Though with this subject he has showed a new ferocity, as though this book is the opening salvo in the real trial of Henry Kissinger coming soon, if Hitchens has his way, to a courtroom near you.

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