The Grand Final
  Samoza Hoxha
Insanity * *****
Paranoia ** *****
Greed ***** **
Corruption ***** **
Style **** *****
Longevity *** *****
Corpulence ***** **
Anastasio Samoza   Enver Hoxha
Wipe that smile off your face Anastasio, you ain't going any further. Taking a hardline stance against a ragtag bunch of Marxist peasants is one thing but compared to Hoxha it does not even register on the scale.

If there is one thing that Enver knew about it was making enemies. Having turned his back on the allies immediately after the Second World War Hoxha then alienated Yugoslavia, his wartime partner, in 1948 turning instead to the USSR. But the death of his idol Uncle Joe Stalin put the kibosh on that one and in 1961 he left the Soviet sphere of influence. China was the next obvious choice of ally and Hoxha liked what he saw in Mao. The Chairman's death however changed things and after Red China's increased entente with the West Enver thought it best to go it (literally) alone. Self sufficient, friendless and defended by 600,000 pillboxes along its borders Albania remained isolated until Hoxha's death, after a mere 41 years in power, in 1985.

I am the champion, all kneel before me
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