Quarter Final

Those successful in Round One were picked randomly against one another.


Mobuto Sese Seko


Joseph Stalin

After the shock upset in the First round it looked as though Mobuto might be able to sail through all the way to the final. But it's a cruel World we live in and in the Quarters Mubuto has pulled a fearsome opponent. As stated throughout this site Mobuto is perhaps the closest thing there is to a perfect dictator. However he is let down by his lack of violence, and against Uncle Joe this is a terrible Achilles Heel. With deaths to his name numbering in the tens of millions Stalin cruises through to the Semis.


Benito Mussolini


Kim Il Sung

Stop that posturing right this minute, Benito. You may well have Invented Fascism, made the trains run on time and successfully invaded Ethiopia but you're out of your league here. WWII saw Benito's true mettle, and his limits. He naturally shied away from the more extreme aspects of fascism as practised by Adolf Hitler and seemed content to fall back, in the last months of Italy's war, to the miniscule Republic of Salo. No such compromises for Kim. From day one he saw reunification of the Korean Peninsula as the ultimate end, spending all of his energy harassing the South until his dying day.


Mao Zedong


Jean Bédel Bokassa

Interesting pairing this. Both powerful men who held very superstitious views on maintaining a healthy body. Mao indulged in Daoist sexual activities while Bokassa drank the blood of dead babies. Both had massive egos that they fed in similar ways, Mao with a magnificent Cult of Personality and Bokassa with the ceremony that saw him crowned Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire. But this contest was only ever going to go one way, and that is Mao's. For sheer scale he is just too hard to beat.


Antonio Salazar


Pol Pot

It was only a matter of time really, after all it was due singularly to a weak opponent that Salazar got this far. This far and no further. Antonio may have played the strongman card against a few commie insurgents in Angola and Mozambique but he never went on a hell bent killing frenzy on the scale of Pol Pot's rule. Cambodia's population in 1975 - 8 million. Population in 1979 - 6 million.

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