Semi Final

The four successful Quarter Finalists were picked randomly against one another.


Pol Pot


Kim Il Sung

An All Asian Semi Final. Two megalomaniacs who never showed a moment of compromise, who rarely showed anything other than contempt for human life and who left indelible marks on not only on their own countries but also their neighbours'. These two also twisted the ideologies that brought them to power. Pol Pot took a vague agrarian form of Maoism and combined it with a rather unpleasant strain of racism that led most of the country's Vietnamese population to the torture chambers, while Kim combined his love for the Stalinist form of Statism with a rather bizarre respect for Confucius. Kim takes it on account of his legendary longevity and the volume of blood shed in the Korean war.


Mao Zedong


Joseph Stalin

Ahhh. A replay of the Sino-Soviet split; this truly is a clash of the titans. Both of these tyrants forced industrialisation onto agricultural backwaters, at the cost of millions of lives. Both embarked on massive purges that destroyed millions more lives and instilled pandemic fear in the populous. Both are so evenly matched that it makes a decision very difficult indeed. Mao just takes it on the strength of his Personality Cult. Whereas Stalin ruled by fear alone - and it showed three years after his death when he was denounced by the party - those tears at Mao's funeral in 1976 were, for the most part, genuine.

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