They may look at ease now but every one of these leaders had a streak of pure evil running through their hearts (yes, even you Peron). Click on the links below to see how the great autocrats ended up after they had ceased wielding power.

Hugo Bánzer

So the old boy is finally dead.

The Ceausescus

A Christmas present for the Romanian people.

François Duvalier

Papa Doc joins the ranks of Haiti's zombies

Francisco Franco

Going, going...

Adolf Hitler

Controversial Soviet archive shots.

Mao Tse Tung

September 1976, Beijing.

Benito Mussolini

Benito and his paramour.

Mmd Najibullah

A fine Mussolini impression.

Eva Peron

Pobrecita Evita.

Pol Pot

Cambodia's dreams come true.

Jonas Savimbi

Chickens home to roost?

Anastasio Somoza

An ignominious end to a fine rule

Joseph Stalin

Lenin's tomb mate.


More famous cadavers available at this fine site.

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