Quarter Final

Those successful in Round Two were picked randomly against one another.

Chiang Kai Shek   Leonid Brezhnev
Imagine a world where China did not go Communist in 1949. No Korean War, No Vietnam War, No Pol Pot, a less aggressive Pakistan, possible even a democratic Burma...and Chiang through to the next round. However we live in a reality where Mao was triumphant and Chiang was forced to flee to an offshore island in order to survive. None of that nonsense for Leonid. More missiles, more repressions, more KGB officers and more deportees to the Gulag. Brezhnev leaves Chiang in his wake.
Enver Hoxha   Rafael Trujillo
Rafael Trujillo has hardly put a foot wrong in this contest - he shows a great deal of audacity, brutality, avarice & kleptocratic tendencies but he is up against the king of the paranoids. Someone who effortlessly stayed in power for over 40 years, even managing to fight of the mighty Soviets when Krushchev was willing to stop at nothing to have him overthrown. Albania still bears the scars, not to mention the 600,000 pillboxes along its borders, of his rule to this day.
Anastasio Samoza   Ruhollah Khomeni
In a Quarter Final match of this magnitude there is bound to be a lot of tears and it looks like in this case the crying is going to be done in Iran. Despite the Ayatollah displaying all the signs of textbook autocracy - exile to leader overnight, restructuring of entire political landscape, massive debilitating war - he was only in power for ten years. Samoza, as has already been demonstrated, ruled Nicaragua for twice that long and set up a regime allowing his sons to rule for a further 23 years after his death. Add to this his wealth and he is a formidable opponent.
Hafez Al-Assad   Kim Jong Il
With his recent passing in mind would love to give this to Assad. But he has unfortunately been drawn against the gentleman from North Korea. While Assad was no doubt a heavy handed ruler he at least allowed his citizens freedom to travel, to own businesses and to speak their minds from time to time. The residents of North Korea are so sheltered from the outside world they truly believe their government's propaganda that the entire planet is facing terrible famine and they are in fact better off that anyone else on earth. Not even an operator as clever as Assad could maintain that one.
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