Second Round

Round One winners were picked randomly against one another.

Rafael Trujillo   Jonas Savimbi
Although Jonas Savimbi represents all that is bad about African despots and remains in control of a huge swathe of Angola the fact remains that he does not hold official power in the country. Trujillo, on the other hand, not only ruled the Dominican Republic for over 30 years he continues, even after his death, to dominate the Caribbean nation.
Anastasio Somoza   Saddam Hussein
Where to begin with these two guys? In a perfect contest both would go through, but since a decision has to be made...Somoza gets it. Both he and Saddam have fashioned impressive hegemonies for themselves, indulging in jaw dropping acts of nepotism and kleptocracy but whereas Saddam's actions alienated almost the entire World the Somoza regime seemed to win more allies the more corrupt it became.
Alfredo Stroessner   Hafez Al-Assad
Another very tough coupling. Both leaders have the years behind them, and both left indelible marks not only on the countries they governed over but also on their neighbour's. Yet their styles were very different. Stroessner was the paradigm of Latin American extravagance, greasing the palms of all of his acolytes while the frugal Assad preferred playing one alliance off against the other....and it is for that he goes through. When it came to political machinations no one could beat the master.
Haile Selassie   Kim Jong Il
While Haile Selassie I was divinely blessed and revered as a god in his own right by some his rule in Ethiopia was far too benign. Benign, of course, being a word not very familiar to the vocabulary of Mr Kim...a man who can lay claim to the near eradication of the South Korean cabinet a few years back and for the shooting down of Korean Air 007.
Haider Aliev   Ruhollah Khomeni
It is a real shame to lose Aliev at this stage. He is a class player but the Divine One leaves him standing. Aliev has certainly had an impact in the Caspian region, as a member of the Politburo and as Azerbaijan's leader during the conflict with Armenia but the ascension to power of his Southern neighbour changed the entire landscape of the Middle East. Denying America influence in Iran and providing the Hizbollah with doctrine, training and weapons.
Erich Honecker   Leonid Brezhnev
The Master versus the Disciple. Honecker proved his worth throughout the history of East Germany as the overseer of the Berlin Wall and as the Leader of the DDR until its collapse....but against Brezhnev? The man who lead a thawing Soviet Union back to the good old days of Stalinist fear? The man who crushed the Prague Spring? The man who invaded Afghanistan? Don't be silly.
Enver Hoxha   Tito
A Clash of the Titans. Two Balkan communist heavyweights who both had the balls to go up against the Soviets and remain in power. Tito's gift of managing the jigsaw that was Yugoslavia is, of course, legendary but Hoxha just pips him. Perhaps the only man in history to make Stalin look soft, Enver not only turned Albania into the World's only atheist state but fully incorporated the Albanian tradition of the blood feud into his international outlook.
Chiang Kai Shek Ion Antonescu
As interesting a ruler as Antonescu is he is probably more infamous for his defeats, notably Stalingrad, than anything else. Chiang, though defeated by the Communists in his homeland (thank you General Marshal) he continued to prosper on Taiwan. Where his rule was uncontested until his death.
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