Game of Thrones – House of Black and White

Game of Thrones

So I suppose if there is a theme to this week’s episode it’s How to Lead, or more specifically “How to Lead in a Crisis”.

Tonight we got a whole gamut of options:

Cersie as imperious, cold dictator, stacking the Small Council with Yes Men; Dany having to manage diametrically opposed, rigid factions; Doran Martell just sitting on his balcony (did he get his wheelchair from Wheels for Humanity?) and ruminating; Jon Snow – so very, very nearly Jon Stark – having power thrust on him with war imminent and an occupying force inside his own gates; Tyrion and Varys debating power in the abstract from inside their box.

As ever there was some pitiful governing amongst these options. I know Dany’s job is not easy and Mereen seems to contain two factions that will not easily be reconciled but do you really need to be told public beheading is the wrong move? The same course of events did not work out for Joffrey when he killed Ned and it sure didn’t work for Robb when he executed whatshisname Karstark.

My advice? Sentence the guy who killed the Son of the Harpy to death then immediately commute it to life imprisonment. Take him aside on his way to jail and and tell him he will be freed in let’s say 8 years. No martyr created & justice served. Situation diffused.

If you want further political advice, Mother of Dragons I am available on a daily rate.

Lump in Throat Moment of the Week
God damn if Sam Tarley’s book learning didn’t pay off with one of the best speeches in the whole run of the show. What a moment. A slap down of Janos Slynt (cowering in the larder in a puddle of his own making), followed by a rallying call that almost managed to sway one of the challenging candidates. Rendered even more impressive coming just moments after Jon told Sam he wasn’t interested in the Winterfell gig. Bravo, Sam.

Badass of the Week
I really loved the moment after Pod had ID’d Baelish and Sansa.

Brienne “How many?”
Podraig “Ten”
*Brienne reaches for her sword*

Good to see her in action against multiple foes, both on foot and horseback.

It Had to Happen
The best character pairing from Seasons 1 & 2 was Bronn & Tyrion, while the best match up from 3 & 4 was Jaime & Brienne so it was delightful to see Bronn and Jaime meeting up to embark on a new adventure together. Also hilarious to see Bronn’s violent yet moral brain working as he delivered the line “I’ve been all over the world, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that meanness comes around”.

Fashion Watch
Loved Jaime’s Rocketeer jacket. I think we have seen that before but even so…

Also in the same scene: not many men can carry off a cape. Bronn does.

Stray Observations
I was under the impression Geoffrey Holder, the guy that played Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die passed away last year. What the hell was he doing in the House of Black and White?

Arya is definitely not someone to mess with. Hard as nails standing down three men twice her height.

If social media existed in Westeros, the message from the Mormont clan
would be the perfect length for a tweet. #FTW

The Sand Snakes. I presume these are the bastard children of Oberyn. Superb name, I look forward to meeting them.