Game of Thrones – Sons of the Harpy

“There is only one war, the war between life and death.”

Boy, that’s a phrase to roll around on your tongue isn’t it? Probably, if you think about it, more or less the meaning of life too.

A message to live by, though a message lost on the religious fanatics that topped and tailed this episode. We opened with what seems like the new order in King’s Landing – The Sparrows thrust into a position of formidable power even if their own leader might be the most reluctant of them all.

Yet watch them as they wreck the tables of humble traders and unsettle the harmless depredations of the whorehouse. Watch too as the Sons of the Harpy kill in cold blood and drag the loyal soldiers of a noble Queen to their deaths. All for what? For the promise of glory, peace, everlasting life at the side of whichever God they worship.

Like Petyr I am a betting man and I would put my money on Cersie coming undone, as leaders are wont to do when they embrace religious nutters for their own end.

Speaking of Petyr, two weeks in a row we have heard – when a brothel is being wrecked – the plea that ‘this establishment is owned by Lord Baelish’. Surely that cannot be a good foreboding for his request to come to the capital ASAP.

Dear Sansa
A week is a long time in politics, declared the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and damn if that ain’t the case for Sansa. Only seven days ago she looked like she was heading even lower than an already woefully set low bar but now she is aspiring to the cat bird seat, as long as she can turn her hidden wiles on the (soon to be dispossessed?) Warden of the North. Best of luck, Wardeness.

And Finally
Which of course brings us to the climax of the night. We’ve been promised Ser Barristan in all his glory for so long that his legend had almost begun to fade. How many times have we been told in revered tones of his exploits? Of his tournament triumphs, his storming the breached walls of Pike, his mastery of the blade. All legends of course, yet all unverifiable. Until now.

In that one scene he demonstrated his prowess as industrial killing machine. The man just could not be stopped and proved so powerful he spurred Grey Worm back from certain defeat and death. Fabulous episode coda. I only hope he is resting now and will be back next week at full strength.

Best double meaning of the night in a line of dialogue

“Are we going South to Winterfell?”

“We must – to beat the Snows.”

Winter is Coming? No playa, Stannis is Coming!

Stray Observations

Nice to see the Stark vault again, a lovely callback to the first ever episode.

Wow, what a look on Jaime’s face when he passed the island of Tarth. ‘I want to die in the arms of the woman I love’. OK, we all know who number one is but, Brienne for number two?

So obviously Cersie played a blinder in getting rid of Lord Tyrell from the Small Council so he would be away when Loras got snatched but it seems odd that to do so she would also lose Meryn Trant, leader of the King’s Guard and one of the Queen’s most trustworthy allies. That said, him being in Braavos does put him closer to Arya, who recites his name every night before she sleeps.

Oh, so the Sand Snakes are all girls? Even better.

You know nothing Jon Snow. Nice to hear the catchphrase again, even if it wasn’t quite delivered in a thick Yorkshire accent.

Jaime’s golden hand to the rescue? Shades of Mr Han from Enter the Dragon, no?

Bit of a slap in the face to see so many Unsullied being schooled in tonight’s ep. I stumbled on this video (no spoilers, I promise) last week and it tells rather a different story.