Game of Thrones – Unbowed…

Over the course of five seasons of Game of Thrones we’ve learnt Tyrion Lannister can be many things. A louche, a waster, a loving brother, an aggrieved son, a political schemer but not, as Jorah calls him, a cynic.

Would a cynic travel hundreds of miles to visit the wall? (granted he took a piss off the top of it but that was almost an afterthought). Would a cynic risk his life to defend Sansa against a petulant king or King’s landing against a determined attack? And would a cynic be so awed by the sight of a dragon in full flight?

His realism does provide a nice counterpoint to Jorah’s blind faith to his queen, and his simple question of why someone who has not stepped foot in Westeros is ideal to rule Westeros can only be ignored by the true believer.

Blind, misdirected devotion was given a couple of beat downs elsewhere in the episode too. Bronn delivered perhaps the best ever ‘Oh For Fuck’s sake’ when confronted by the Sand Snakes and Baelish was marvellous when challenged by the newly pious Lancel Lannister. “We both peddle fantasies, at least mine are enjoyable.”

Baelish even fronted up to Cersie and got away with it. “One’s choice of companion is a curious thing” must have cut close to the bone but rather than feeling the Queen Mother’s wrath he went away with the promise of Winterfell. Hard to believe anyone other that Littlefinger will triumph in the Game of Thrones when this all comes to an end.

The Trial

You know, you’d really think that sitting at a pre trial with your brother in law (who happens to be king), sister (who happens to be queen) and mother (who happens to bankroll the kingdom) would mean you would breeze through the proceedings. Guess the High Sparrow means business and cannot be as easily bought off as any of his predecessors. Things might be working out for Cersie in the short term but if there’s one rule to political power it is never get involved with religious nutters. THAT never, ever works out well in the long term.

…and yes, I agree that was Tommen’s one and only chance to knock the Faith Militant off their perch. You can’t really blame the boy for his inaction but it’s going to be a lot harder to get Margeary back now.

Fashion Watch

Obviously it was good to see how seamlessly wolf fur can go with a wedding dress but my favourite get up tonight was Prince Tristian’s rather fetching tunic. Only certain men can carry off that much pink. Great belt work too.

Best moment of Dialogue

“Enough with the Veiled threats.” / “What veil?”

which just pipped

“The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant” to the top slot.

Stray Observations

What an amazing transformation from Arya while playing the game, the lying game or whatever it’s called. Without taking a breath she stepped straight up to the terminal girl at the fountain and did her duty. A performance that would make the King of Sicilian liars proud.

So Reek was allowed to use the name Theon once again. Theon of the House Greyjoy. That and his first bath in a couple of weeks led me to believe he might have intervened to stop the consummation of Sansa’s third betrothal but apparently the Stockholm Syndrome has bitten particularly deep.

Nice to hear Jerome Flynn singing again

So, Northerners get married at night. Are they Hindus?