Game of Thrones – The Gift

I said this a few weeks ago but it bears repeating – if you bed down with religious fundamentalists it will turn sour sooner or later. Whatever short term gain Cersie thought she was making when she elevated the Sparrows to Faith Militant it has turned to ashes before her eyes.

The way Lancel was introduced from stage left tells us he’s made a full confession, all his and Cersei’s crimes laid bare. Not just adultery and incest but also regicide. I imagine Margeary’s punishment for perjury would be a light prison sentence (two years?) and Loras might perhaps be flogged for his sex crimes but the punishment for killing a king? Can it be anything less than death? I did enjoy Cersie going down with some supreme fighting words but it really does look like it’s over for her.

Then again did she ever really stand a hope in the new religious order? The Queen of Thorns is about the best there is in a head to head battle of words and even she could not get through to the High Sparrow. So used to dealing with schemers and people with a price she was disarmed when up against someone who lives only by a moral code.

All in all it was a great episode for speeches. Malko the slaver was pretty impressive with his Jorah sales pitch – taking a core of truth and embellishing it just enough to be believable. Sansa did a lot with her time out of the bed chamber when she needled Ramsey about the rival to his inheritance. Then there was Sam’s eulogy to his Maester. Good grief I thought he’d set the bar high with his write-in ballot speech for Lord Commander a few weeks back but that ‘blood of the dragon ran through his veins but now his fire has gone out’ line was something else.

Stray Observations

Well done to anyone who took extra notice of the cut Bronn received last week in the sand snake melee. It would have been cruel indeed for such a fabulous fighter to be laid low in such a dastardly way so I’m glad the antidote was at close hand. Hell of a delivery mechanism too.

Poor little Tommen. Who can blame his inaction, seeing the world collapse around him and not knowing what to do? Ahhh, if only Tywin was still with us. The Sept would currently be a bloodbath and the High Sparrow’s head would be on a spike, consequences be damned. After all rulers are either butchers or meat, right?

“Once again, Ser Alliser I thank you for your honesty.” 🙂

I’ve really missed the direwolves, so it was a special delight to witness Ghost ex machina.

It only lasted a few seconds but that shot of Brienne watching and waiting for the candle with her hand on the hilt of her sword was pretty beautiful.