Game of Thrones – Mother’s Mercy

Was it just me or did this whole finale feel unfinished? As if there were multiple character arcs and storylines that oh so nearly finished but could not quite make it over the edge. Let’s see if I can list them all.

Stannis’ army suffers annihilation on the battlefield and he is confronted – literally on his last legs – by Brienne. She states her mission, her justification, her oath to carry out justice and then draws her sword. She swings for Stannis…and the camera cuts to another scene, never to return. Mycella starts bleeding from the nose, collapses and is about to draw her last breath / have a seizure when the camera cuts to another scene, never to return. Sansa and Reek/Theon clasp hands and jump from the crenellations of Winterfell towards a snow drift / certain death then the camera cuts to another scene, never to return.

You can see a theme emerging, right?

Hey, I’ve got nothing against cliffhangers and there were plenty of open endings in episode ten that were perfectly carried out – Cersie in the arms of The Mountain; Varys and Tyrion scheming on the walls of Mereen; Dany surrounded by swirling Dothraki – but the previous trio were just so badly put together. It was like they were edited by a kid with ADD.

Also left unresolved: Littlefinger’s ‘handsome young man’ gameplay. Surely that would have been a perfect season finale seeing Loras and Margeary freed because the only witness against them had been clipped.

Ho hum.

I wasn’t much taken with majority of the episode but blimey, I can overlook every single fault based on the walk Cersie made following her confession. Jesus wept, that was incredible. The monotone repetition of ‘Shame…..Shame…Shame’; the bell wringing; the outlying Sparrows giving billy club beatdowns to members of the mob who pushed their luck; the bloody feet; that guy that shouted ‘FUCK OFF’ at the top os his lungs. Awesome. Every single moment of it.

Surely Cersie’s positin is totally untenable now…though I do hope she goes down fighting and takes at least a few sparrows and Septons with her.

Fashion Watch

Farewell Sand Snakes. I rather liked your head wraps, but mostly because they reminded me of Dengar from The Empire Strikes Back.

Stray Observations

To all those that think they have seen the last of Jon Snow, read this. It’s all wild theory but it all could come true.

Thank goodness that is the last (I hope) we are going to see of Dorne. What a supreme waste of time. If all the writers wanted to do was to have Ellaria get her revenge against a Lannister they could have revealed it all via raven-gram. I suppose the one silver lining was an excuse for the best line of the episode “You want a good woman but you need bad pussy.”

Great touch sealing The Mountain’s mouth inside his helmet. The vow of silence will make him even more formidable. And what great timing becoming a member of the King’s Guard now that Ser Meryn has been despatched.

Brienne spends four weeks watching the broken tower and then turns away at the EXACT moment the candle gets lit?

I’m guessing the Iron bank is going to have to take a haircut on the money it lent Alexis Tsipras, er sorry, Stannis.