Game of Thrones – The Wars to Come

Game of Thrones


Dany is turning into roundabout the dumbest dunce in the history of duncekies. It’s not like she calls every decision wrong (though taking down the temple was a dopey move) it’s just that she seems to answer any challenge with “Because I am a Queen”. That’s the stone cold truth, Ruth but it’s only going to get a sister so far. What are you waiting for? Get that airforce back up and running, make peace with the cock fighters and – to paraphrase Arnie – Get your ass to Westeros.

But the dumbest political move of the week has to be courtesy of Mance. WTF?

You’re at the head of a DEFEATED army, and you are in chains in a jail cell. Your negotiating power is spent. You haven’t got a card to play.

Your stated aim was to take all of your wildlings south of the wall for protection, but you failed to storm the fucking thing. Now, however someone is offering you the very same sanctuary you wanted all along, plus – PLUS – land to settle on and a promise to be left alone.

In return the guy offering all that asks one favour, namely help him storm ONE castle.

…and you turn it down.

“I don’t want my people to bleed in a foreigner’s war”

Are you kidding? Take four giants and 30 of those Hills Have Eyes cannibals and the place is yours.


Who’s That Girl?
I Loved the Cersei flashback (the first on the show?) and was amazed at how quickly you could ID which character the young actress was playing. Blond, regal and skinny yes, but mostly recognisable because she was such an immediate Class A C**t.

My biggest takeaway from the episode however was Varys being so wholeheartedly Team Dany and how he ‘fessed up this has been the way for quite some time.

Here are two scenes from previous seasons where he sits on the Small council as they discuss the growing threat across the Narrow Sea.

This is the small council meeting from season one where King Robert calls for Dany to get got.

and this from last season where he is almost acting as a PR for the Targaryens

He is clearly shilling for Dany in the latter scene, but the former is more difficult to read. He appears to be playing straight but then again it was his assassin that was sent to kill (poison) Day and said killer failed in his duties, so I wonder whether Varys meant for this to happen; playing both sides as it were.

Random Observation
Opening credits saw Winterfell not only no longer smoking but replete with the flayed man sigil of House Bolton.

Fashion Watch
Loving Tyrion’s beard