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In the Chinese tradition you see the Doctor to stay healthy: A good doctor will have many healthy patients; a bad doctor will have sick ones.

What is Zen Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a healing massage that combines ancient Chinese medicinal knowledge with modern (western) Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology. During the treatment the (Shiatsu-) Giver applies pressure with fingers, palms, knees and/or elbows to a variety of 'pressure points' (Tsubos), the same ones which are used in Acupuncture. Additionally the Giver works on Meridians (energetic channels that connect the Tsubos) which cover and govern our entire body surface as well as internal organs. The Zen element of the technique I use ensures that every individual is treated just as such: An Individual. No two treatments are alike just as no two people (or no two moments) are.

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